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Clients and seminar attendees love Lon Kieffer!

Just look at what some of them have to say…

We’ve invited Lon multiple times...
We’ve invited Lon multiple times to speak at meetings and conferences hosted by the Florida Department of Health and Florida Public Health Association. His quick wit, presentation style and audience engagement will leave you captivated. It’s evident through Lon’s discussions that he takes a human approach to caregiving – whether providing care to a patient or working with a colleague, he uses humor and compassion as his “tools”. If you haven’t heard Lon present, you’re missing out!
— Cathy Montgomery

Lon’s keynote presentation and break-out session were hugely successful...
Lon’s keynote presentation and break-out session at Anne Arundel County’s 20th Annual Caregivers’ Conference were hugely successful! Here’s just a few of the comments received from participants: “Lon Kieffer was very energetic; kept my attention. I enjoyed what he had to say.” “Very engaging. Held the audience’s attention and a perfect start to the day.” “Lon was great! I enjoyed him; he made me think more about how we perceive others.” “The best speaker & presenter I’ve ever heard. Subject was interesting & helpful.” “He kept me laughing but made sense out of everything he said. Loved it.”
— Mary Chaput

Comedic genius!
Lon is engaging and informative with a sprinkle of comedic genius!”
— Charlene Endre Burgett, Attendee, 1st Annual Physician’s Office Managers Association of America

They were crazy about you Lon!
They were crazy about you Lon! You did your homework. You understand that adult learning can be fun and even downright entertaining and inspirational! We want you back next year.
— Shannon Lease, Director, Office of Performance Improvement, Florida DOH

You are simply missing out!
Lon, your blog is good! Of course, you already know this tid-bit! I smile and laugh a whole lot when logged on to “defenderofcaregivers”. K.I.T. One never knows when our paths will cross. To those of you not familiar with “the Man”…you are simply missing out. LOL!
— Amalia Kane-Crawford, MHM, R.N., LHRM

A gift to the human spirit!
Lon Kieffer is truly a gift to the human spirit!
— Judith Ramirez, Social Worker, Tunnell Cancer Center

What fun!
What fun!? He [Lon] was like a cross between Dr. Phil and Larry the Cable-guy. Sensitive and thought provoking but raw enough to make you want to listen.James Buckley, Constellation Energy Group
— James Buckley, Constellation Energy Group

Understands the Caregivers dilemma!
Lon really understands the Caregivers dilemma!
— Dale Thompson, President/CEO, Benedictine Health Systems; Past President, American Healthcare Association

Lon was a great success at our conference!
I’m happy to report that Lon was a great success at our conference. He was our keynote and helped begin the conference with great humor and even better content. What a great guy to work with as well. He really did his homework and cared about our business.
— Jan Barrett

Though it has been a couple of years ago since I was able to bring Lon to the Midwest [as keynote speaker for the MoAHA (now MOLeading Age) annual conference ] I have followed his career long before he became DOC “The Defender of Caregivers”. His approach to life as a caregiver is much more than amusing but the humor is the spark that gets one engaged. By the way, his presentation was well-received not only because of his humor but much more because of the message he imparts through that medium.
— Pat Kapsar

One of the best decisions we made!
Having Lon speak at our Maryland Respite Awareness Day Conference (presented by the Maryland Respite Care Coalition – MRCC) was one of the best decisions we made. He was very well received by both attendees and organizers alike. Not only a consummate professional, but a PARTNER in helping with the success of our event. Lon was very easy to work with, and went to great lengths to make my job as Conference Chair easier. Feedback from attendees underscored what we already knew – Lon was a HIT!
— Ann Squire

His delivery and message were absolutely fantastic
After seeing Lon present on a couple of different occasions, the most recent being the ES SHRM conference in April, we sought him out, with very short notice, to kick off a meeting for us. His delivery and message were absolutely fantastic and set the tone for the entire meeting. Lon makes you laugh, makes you think and provides every opportunity to get your own “Aha” experience. He is most accommodating and pleasurable to work with.
— Rob Harris

Lon recently spoke at the 2013 Virginia Assisted Living Spring Conference as a general session speaker and a breakout session speaker. He was so well received by the attendees in the general session, that his breakout session was overflowing into the hallway with attendees. We ended up having to give him a bigger room so everyone could hear him speak again! We highly recommend him as one of your speakers. We do not normally have repeat speakers, but we look forward to having him back again at a future event.
— Judy Hackler

Our group is tough; they have gotten to see and hear so many great speakers. Lon was the first one to really successfully use HUMOR. Others have tried but Lon made it work!
— Jan Barrett

The anecdote to blackberry’s!
You (Lon) are like the anecdote to blackberry’s!! No one was checking email or texting while you were talking….
— Recent comment from an un-named participant of Hillsborough County (Florida) Health Department “All Staff Day” Event

His defending the caregiver seminar was unique and invigorating
Lon was invited to speak for two hours at our annual staff retreat. He was recommended from one of my staff members who heard him in the past. We were looking for a humorous laid back atmosphere to team build and remember to take care of our selves. His defending the caregiver seminar was unique and invigorating. I see that some of my staff has also friended him on Facebook. Thanks Lon for helping us remember to care for ourselves first and others later…This will keep us in the hospice world and helping others!
— Heather Guerieri

He did a fabulous job connecting to our audience
We did use Lon for our closing session speaker at our August 2012 convention. He did a fabulous job connecting to our audience which was mostly caregivers in nursing homes.
— Meg Collins

Lon was the closing keynote presenter at our Annual Convention & Tradeshow this summer. Needless to say, our caregivers loved the presentations Lon offered. In the long term care and assisted living industry, caregivers are the heart and soul of the business. They are on the front lines caring for residents each and every day. Giving it their all! He motivated, inspired, and encouraged them to continue providing great care, but to also take care of themselves. His message was the perfect close to our 3-day event. We all look forward to seeing him return again and to share his message as the Defender of Caregivers!!
— Jill Rice, Education Coordinator, Idaho Health Care Association – Idaho Center for Assisted Living

Lon; I give you very high marks for your excellent motivational program. Your humorous anecdotes cut to the quick and reinforced your key points about leadership and responsibility. Thank you for the journey of self-assessment and understanding you led us through.
— John S. Oppenheimer Executive Vice President/ COO, Peninsula United Methodist Homes

Amazing 3 hours of learning, laughter and engagement!!
Lon Kieffer is without a doubt one of the best speakers we’ve had at St Johns County Health Department. He is relevant and extremely engaging while helping us in addressing healthcare disparities and achieving cultural competence to better serve our community!!! Any organization would benefit from his evidence based discourse and gut wrenching style, helping us all understand our roll as caregivers. You are a wonderful speaker, communicator and your insight and style are unparalleled!!! Lon, Thank You!!!
— Eliud 'Pico' Torres

We received many requests to bring you back!
Thank you for making our seminar a success… we received many requests to bring you back!
— Yrene E. Waldron, Executive Director, Delaware HealthCare Facilities Association

He has a way of encouraging and inspiring his audience
I would like to say that I have had the privilege to hear Lon speak at several events. His captivating presentations are not only point on; but, he has a way of encouraging and inspiring his audience. (Not bad for an audience who usually forgets about themselves because they are always concentrating on others needs). You leave feeling rejuvenated and smiling. – Thanks Lon!
— Kathy Y

Lon has an amazing way of taking of the experiences we all have in our lives
Lon has an amazing way of taking of the experiences we all have in our lives and weaving a story that encourages, inspires and very often makes us smile. We know that being a caregiver is a blessing and a challenge. It takes the full spectrum of human emotions to succeed and survive in situations where we accomplish extraordinary things. As Caregivers we often put others needs before our own. Lon reminds us to be gentle with ourselves, acknowledge the gifts we give to others and celebrate the people we are. He can do this because he is a caregiver. DOC is just one of his many ways to demonstrates his passion of reaching out, sharing and taking care of those who often forget to celebrate themselves.
— Norene Broadhurst

A great speaker!
Lon Kieffer is a great speaker!
— Deb Haugh, V.P., Genesis HealthCare Corporation

Lon was right on target!
The Eastern Shore Society of Human Resource Managers, (ESSHRM) invited Lon Kieffer to speak at our annual leadership conference this month. Lon was right on target as he presented, “When Generations Collide…Respect your others!” His humor drew in the group immediately and he had us laughing as we recognized our tenancies and gained awareness of the generational differences of others. He presented science-based information that was relevant and provided “take away” action items to strengthen the workforce team. Many thanks for a program that gave human resource managers the tools they need to improve relationships across all employees within their organization. Super job!
— Karen Reddersen

He really made a special day even more special!
We needed a speaker for our annual Administrative Professionals Day celebration and Lon was recommended to us from someone who had seen him perform at a conference. He came in and energized the room with his humor and relate-ability. The topic “When Generations Collide” was perfect for administrative professionals at a college, as they are a mixed-generation audience and interact with many different generations. Lon was absolutely hilarious and educational and answered questions with wisdom and respect. He really made a special day even more special. We will be sure to invite him back for other events!
— Kristina Kelley , Human Resources Assistant

Please keep up what you are doing!
Please keep up what you are doing! There are so many people out there that need to hear your message
— Eliott Gregos, MPH, Environmental Manager

The perfect end to a great conference!
Lon’s humorous, thought provoking anecdotes kept the audience captivated; he did the hardest job—providing the perfect end to a great conference!
— Jyll Farren, President, Society on Aging, New Jersey

I must say he was excellent!
As an attendee at an event that Lon spoke (EnterTrained) at, I must say he was excellent. Very enjoyable to listen to, and he delivered a message that was humorous but yet current, pertinent and touching to everyone in the audience. He obviously did his homework and directed the presentation specifically to the organization and the attendees presents. He has a gift of gaining your attention immediately, keeping it throughout the presentation, and then sending you home with the message to care for yourself.
— Allen Shane

One of the best motivational speakers I’ve heard!
Lon is one of the best motivational speakers I’ve heard! His secret to success is not only his eloquence and sense of humor but in really caring about people – the curse of being a nurse?
— Dennis Cookro, MD, Medical Officer, Florida Department of Health





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